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Multivendor Supply

Timeline is aware of the telecom market changes and thus its needs. Sourcing of multivendor telecom equipment is a strategic focus for most organisations. Making the right sourcing decisions is not easy. Timeline offers a single point of contact within our organisation for all your multivendor requests which will improve operational effectiveness and efficiency.


The lifespan of end of life telecom assets can be extended if they are upgraded for re-use and put back into the field. This will significantly reduce your ApEx costs and demonstrate your “green credentials” through compliance with the intended spirit of the WEEE Directive. Timeline’s refurbishment programme can recover a substantial quantity of your unused telecom hardware and process it to a new end product according to your needs.

Spare Parts Management

Operators have long been focused on keeping costs low. Timeline service businesses has developed and implemented advanced spare parts planning systems per unique customer situation that have resulted in significant reduction of inventory costs, while improving customer service levels and equipment uptimes,

Multisites & Warehouses

Logistics and warehousing are integral components of warehouse distribution management. The decision to use public warehouses or to keep warehousing and logistics in-house is an issue worthy of careful consideration. The addition of Timeline as a logistics and warehousing provider brings important and vital services to the customer supply chain. The most significant service is the ability to flex with the fluid needs of our customer